UKEY your key to financial success

UKEY — is a global decentralized cryptocurrency based on Ethereum platform. Key feature of UKEY tokens is absence of the unified transaction processing centre, which provides a high level of system reliability and security, and users anonymity.

Cryptocurrency UKEY — is a unique tool for safekeeping and investing your assets, as well as trading. By joining UKEY community, you will get an opportunity to increase your deposit with no additional risks in no time.

Advantages UKEY

and anonymity

The use of a decentralized network allows transactions to be made without a third-party intervention. Banks, government agencies, and financial intermediaries cannot interrupt your transaction or freeze the UKEY account. In addition, for the purchase and use of cryptocurrency, you do not need to disclose your identity. Anonymity and protection of personal data is a priority for UKEY


Investors get several income options. You can earn due to the growth of the UKEY exchange rate, the implementation of the selected investment program, as well as the popularization of the cryptocurrency by attracting new members to the UKEY community


UKEY — is a cryptocurrency developed by a community of successful traders and investors. Their activities guarantee the project’s stable development. The wide distribution of UKEY, its introduction as a means of payment into various online services, and listing on the largest exchanges will provide the holders of cryptocurrency with appreciable income


Your investments in UKEY will be multiplied as soon as possible. The growth of the cryptocurrency after entering the exchanges, generous partnership rewards for attracting new investors, and well-thought-out investment programs will ensure a minimum payback period for your investments

and reliability

Your personal data is protected with a cryptographic protocol for SSL encryption. All transactions in the system are carried out through smart-contract Ethereum, which protects transfers from fraud. UKEY servers are powerfully protected against DDoS attacks


By purchasing UKEY tokens, you help form a large investment community in which participants will be assured of the reliability and stability of the project. UKEY gives everyone an opportunity to become a part of a successful team and earn on investments into the cryptocurrency with no additional risks


Do you want to get maximum profit from UKEY cryptocurrency?

Buy tokens at the lower price during Pre-ICO and ICO periods?

PRE-ICO: 15.02.2018 - 20.02.2018

Token name: ukey

Total amount of tokens: 100.000.000 ukey

Blockchain: Ethereum ERC20

Amount of tokens available during ICO: 30.000.000 ukey

Amount of tokens available during Pre-ICO: 3.000.000 ukey

ICO consists of 15 rounds. Maximum round duration – 3 days.

Pre-ICO = 10,00 %
3.000.000 UKEY $0,25
1. round = 2,50 %
750.000 UKEY $0,30
2. round = 5,00 % 1.500.000 UKEY $0,35
3. round = 7,50 % 2.250.000 UKEY $0,40
4. round = 10,00 % 3.000.000 UKEY $0,45
5. round = 7,50 % 2.250.000 UKEY $0,50
6. round = 5,00 % 1.500.000 UKEY $0,55
7. round = 2,50 % 750.000 UKEY $0,60
8. round = 5,00 % 1.500.000 UKEY $0,65
9. round = 7,50 % 2.250.000 UKEY $0,70
10. round = 10,00 % 3.000.000 UKEY $0,75
11. round = 7,50 % 2.250.000 UKEY $0,80
12. round = 5,00 % 1.500.000 UKEY $0,85
13. round = 2,50 % 750.000 UKEY $0,90
14. round = 5,00 % 1.500.000 UKEY $0,95
15. round = 7,50 % 2.250.000 UKEY $1,00


When purchasing UKEY tokens during ICO, you get bonuses depending on the investment amount.












Invest yourself and invite family and friends to participate in the ICO.

For each purchase of UKEY tokens, which people made on your referral link,

you receive a partnership reward.




UKEY-Lending — Lending is an excellent chance to receive interest on the deposit daily
and reinvest it into your deposit for more profit.
Such option will perfectly suit investors, who want to receive fixed income.


UKEY enables investors to stop the selected investment
program ahead of schedule and withdraw their money.
Early repayment of the deposit body will be 25% less than the initial investment.
For example, you invested $1000 and decided to withdraw the money without waiting for the end of the program.
You will receive a refund of $750 and all interest accrued to you during the investment program period.


Lending mount Interest (Acrued daily) Capital back
$100 — $1000 Daily variation rate After 240 days
$1001 — $5000 Daily variation rate + 0.10% After 180 days
$5001 — $10000 Daily variation rate + 0.20% After 120 days
$10001 — $25000 Daily variation rate + 0.25% After 90 days
$25001 — $250000 Daily variation rate + 0.35% After 60 days


UKEY — unique wealth, which is rewarding to share

Develop the UKEY community,
attract new investors to the UKEY Lending program and receive bonuses to your deposit.

How does it work?

You connect investor to the UKEY investment program with your referral link. Interest is accrued to his/her deposit every day depending on selected program. You receive partnership reward from the amount which was earned by your referral according to UKEY-Lending.

Level 1: 7%
Level 2: 4%
Level 3: 2%
Level 4: 1,5%
Level 5: 1,5%
Level 6: 0,5%
Level 7: 0,5%
Total: 17%


UKEY-Staking — is the best solution for investors, who prefer passive investment with a high yield of up to 120% per year. Low entry barrier and reasonable system allows everyone to earn money by keeping UKEY in their wallets.

First year
10% per month
Second year
7,5% per month
Third year
5% per month


After UKEY listing on the largest international exchanges, you will be able to make good money due to the volatility of the cryptocurrency. Trading will be available to everyone.